Geographic Bay, III
August 12 and 13
Normally the bears keep a safe distance from each other, and we saw a few fights. But these two brothers had no problem
getting along.
Later in the day after the photographers and float plane people had left, a mother brought her two cubs to fish. She did
not stay long. She was very nervous. Indeed, when she decided to leave suddenly later on, Jessica, Jackie, and I had to
make a hasty retreat so she could make her way out through the place where we had been standing.
The next day we came back promptly after an early breakfast so that we were there to bear watch at Geograpic some
more before the photographers and the float plane arrived. Our day and a half at Geographic was the highlight of our trip.
Once again we were entertained by confident mama and baby. Since I had so many pictures already, I pulled out my
video camera. I have yet to view and edit those pictures but hope there is some decent stuff there.
Following our morning at Geographic Bay, Lee took us to some secret lagoons and we saw a few more bears there. The
next morning he was going to show us some more bears, but a rather negative weather report caused him to change his
mind, so on August 14 we made our way back across the strait to the Kodiak Islands. That evening Lee took the group
ashore to hike around in the rain to see what the Alaskan forest looks like. This was one of the few wet days of our trip.
The following morning we bade the group farewell. They made their way back to Kodiak. A float plane flew and picked us
up from the Single Star for one last venture to Raspberry Island.