Paddling and Hiking on Raspberry Island
Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge
with Priscilla, Birch, and Tiffany
August 15 to August 19, 2009
On the morning of August 15 at 9 a.m., a float plane picked us up from the SIngle Star. Ten minutes later we were at
Raspberry Island (left side in picture below). The owner, Birch was there to take us on an all day paddle.

It was a wild five days. We paddled three days and hiked two days from early morning to early evening. Priscilla, Birch, and
Tiffany were determined to give us our money's worth and they certainly did. We were a tired but very happy two some
when the float plane came back to pick us up at 8 p.m. on August 19.
On our previous trip to Raspberry Island we spent our time paddling. I was so happy that on the trip we did two hiking trips,
one to the top of a mountain, and the second along the coast.

The terrain above 1200 feet reminded me of Arctic Tundra. The forests and berry bushes below that level had their own
The highlight of our second hike along the coast was looking down from a bear den into an eagle nest and viewing the
almost fully grown but still flightless young eagles.
The beautiful weather added to the richness of our three days of paddling around Raspberry Island and the adjacent
We saw lots of otters. They usually dove under just as I got into range with my point and shoot water proof camera.
There were lots of interesting rock formations along the shore line. The islands may look like they are covered with grass,
but in fact the "grass" is six foot high berry bushes that would challenge even a bear to get through.
There is lots of interest sea life. These sea stars lined the shore at low tide, and large anemones are visible under water.
I can not say enough good things about our hosts on Raspberry Island. Priscilla, Birch, and Tiffany and the wonderful staff
did everything possible to give us a terrific time. The service and food were over the top. I highly recommend this place
whether your interests are fishing, hiking, or kayaking.

From Raspberry Island we flew back to Kodiak and Beaver Creek Lodge for the night before catching our flight for a 1 a.m
arrival in Seattle arriving home at 3:45 a.m. in the morning. The creek that had been flowing the week before was all dried
up with dead fish in the river bed. Our host said this was the first time in his many years at this location that he had seen
the creek go dry in the summer when the fish are running.
Walking further up the dry bed, we eventually encountered pools of water with fish and eventually flowing water with salmon
that had made it up that far before the creek went dry.
This was a terrific trip. We highly recommend the Single Star, Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge, and Beaver Creek
Lodge. This is a unique area of the world and you will have a great time here.