Exit Glacier and Harding Ice Field
Seward Sealife Center
August 4 and 5, 2009
In Seward, we decided to hike to Exit Glacier. One can hike right up to this glacier.
At the glacier, a ranger suggested we hike up to Harding Ice Field. It is the biggest ice field in the US. It is a full day hike with a
severe elevation gain.
We were in and out of the fog as we hiked to Harding Glacier.
Eventually we got up to where we could see the beginnings of Harding Ice Field. We had not come adequately prepared and
did not have our walking sticks. So, when precipitation started to come down and continued visibility came into question, we
decided to turn around. Below, a picture from near the point where we turned around. The road and valley below is where we
started our hike.
From above we had a
much better view of the top
of Exit Glacier.
The next day, before
driving to Anchorage from
Seward, we stopped at the
SeaLife Center where we
had a fantastic time looking
at captive Puffins. We were
particularly fascinated at
watching the Puffins bathe.
Later in the day as we came in to Anchorage, we crossed Bird Creek and stopped to take a picture of the fishermen.