The Journey to Katmai
A Raft of Otters
August 9, 2009
Early Sunday morning we boarded the M. V. Single Star at Kodiak with our friends Bill and Joan Henry and Larry and
Jessica for the beginning of our trip to Katmai. The Single Star is a yacht with three cabins and our week long expedition
was led by Captain Lee Robbins with the assistance of Kim.

Prior to boarding the Single Star, we spent two nights in Kodiak Island at Beaver Creek Lodge, a very nice B&B on a creek.
Just outside the door we watched spawning pink salmon come up the creek as well as a local fisherman who caught and ate
his catch near the deck of our lodge.
Our first day we meandered
among the islands
surrounding Kodiak as we
made our way to the strait
that we would cross the
second day to Katmai.

We had been sailing about
an hour when we came to a
raft of dozens of sea otters.
The otters raft together in
the seaweed to socialize and
to prevent themselves from
drifting away while they sleep.