In Search of Grizzlies
August 10 and 11
The next day we continued on to Katmai.  Pilot dolphins showed us the way across the strait from Kodiak to the mainland.
We were fortunate to encounter reasonably benign weather for the five hour crossing although a confused sea made it rough
enough so that some of the participants chose to make the crossing sleeping in beds and chairs.

Eventually we arrived and landed on a beach which was a favorite of Timothy Treadwell.
Above, Bill and Joan on the left. Lee in
the center. Larry and Jessica on the

Right, Kim helps Joan to get ashore as
Bill gets himself upright and Lee holds
the skiff.

Sadly, there were no grizzlies and no
fish spawning. Lee was visibly
frustrated. However, we had a nice
walk on the beach.
It was windy, and above us
we were treated to a
wonderful display of
lenticular clouds.
Frustrated, Lee headed down the coast to find a place to safely anchor the boat and hope for better luck the next day. Along
the way we encountered a humpback.
The next morning our luck
began to change, slowly.
After he pulled anchor, Lee
sailed us around an eagle
nest where the young sat
patiently waiting for mom and
dad to bring breakfast.
That morning when we
arrived on the beach there
were fresh bear tracks in the
low tide.
However, the experience
still remained somewhat
disappointing. We saw three
bears, but only one came
somewhat close and we had
to look into the sun to see
Lee decided that we should go back to the boat and
have lunch and try a new spot further down the bay. As
we neared the new viewpoint we could see several
bears and we knew our luck was about to change.
Lee was very impressed with our group of six. He complimented me numerous times on how nice the group was. He was also
very complimentary of the group for its lack of fear of being so close to the grizzlies. Lee is awesome in his understanding of
the grizzlies. For example, he spotted this grizzly far away and predicted it would walk right through the place where we were
standing and asked us to back up for the grizzly to come through.