Geographic Bay
August 12, 2009
The next day Lee sailed us up to Geographic Bay to view the Grizzlies. It was obvious from the Single Star that we were to
have good bear viewing. In this picture I can see eight bears, and my camera did not catch them all. At times we had 17

This time we also had human companions as well as you can see in this picture, a row of photographers, and in the
background two float planes of visitors.
The photographers were interesting. They were all lined up in chairs and all had look alike cameras and never moved from
their same location.
With Lee, we stood and moved about shifting with the location of the bears.

The number one rule was to stay out of the way of the bears. Lee kept a good eye out for the bears, particularly since
they surrounded us on all sides. If he thought we were in a path a bear might choose to use, we stepped back. There was
little to fear as these guys had one thing on their mind, getting as many fish as possible. I was much more afraid driving
Highway 101 back to our house at the end of the trip.
When we arrived at Geographic, there was a mother bear and her cub who immediately walked off so mom could get a nap
while baby played with a feather. These two would keep us very entertained over the next day and a half.
Eventually mama woke up.
There is nothing like looking through
the lens and seeing a bear running
right at you. But as in the two
sequential pictures below, he has
something other than a human on his
Most mother bears are very
wary of coming in to fish as
the male bears will kill the
babies. However, this mama
moved around unafraid while
baby did playful things such
as play with a twig while
mama fished.
Some of the older
bears were quite
good at walking
along the bank and
catching fish without
jumping into the