Mama Grizzlies and Cubs
The favorite bears for our group was a mother with two small twin sisters. The sisters were quite lively and provided us with a lot of
For the most part, grizzly bears are not social animals. They are very territorial. There is a hierarchy among the bears based on
strength. Cubs are very vulnerable and the mothers must literally be on their toes watching. This mother bear and others could
often be seen standing on two legs to get a better view of the competition in the vicinity.
Our boat in the background.
When mamas get nervous,
so do their cubs. When  
mama ran, so did the cubs.
Nursing the cubs
Our second most favorites were the triplets. These triplets were bold. They always arrived with a swagger. More than once they
passed within less than a couple feet of where we were standing.
On this trip, we spent four days at Geographic Bay. Last time we were there, it was mostly males. But this time it was mostly mothers
with cubs.
Mama and cub fishing.
Two mothers in conflict.