Paddling with Felix and Al of the Newcomers
September 26, 2007
Above, the group launches at the
river which flows out of Lake

Left, looking into the sun from the
launch point. We got an early start
so as to minimize wind problems.

Below, paddlers paddle into the
lake from the river.
The water in Lake Crescent is
exceptionally clear as the lake
is spring fed.
Paddling on Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park.
Jackie in the
Devil's Punch Bowl
More of the group gather in the Devil's Punch Bowl.
The really old farts get out to stretch their legs along the shore.
Left, a picture of a Hairy woodpecker
taken in our yard this week.
At its deepest point Lake Crescent has been measured at 660 feet. The bottom of Lake Crescent is 100 feet below
sea level.