A Big Storm on the West Side of the Olympic Peninsula
with Elston and Jackline Hill
March 1 and 2, 2011
The weather prediction was for a storm with big winds to hit the Olympic Peninsula on the night of March 1 and the day of
March 2. Having never experienced one of these big storms, we made a reservation at Klalaloch Lodge and headed out to
the West End where the storm could be expected to show its strength the best.

The snow was mostly gone in Port Angeles, but for a stretch west of Port Angeles to the east side of Lake Crescent, there
was fresh snowfall.
The next two pictures were taken going around Lake Crescent.
It was actually quite calm when we arrived yesterday afternoon at Klalaloch. First we walked along the bluff. Then we walked
the nature walk from the camp ground.
Finally, we went down and hiked along Klalaloch Beach at the low tide around 4:30 p.m. Jackie sat on the log to move across.
There was a pretty good rain but we stayed dry using our umbrellas and Gortex jackets.
Shortly after we went to bed, the winds began to howl.

The beach now turned into a splendid danger zone.
By 9:00 a.m., the beach had all but disappeared.
Many of our friends have hiked at this beach and never seen it as anything but a pleasant sandy beach with just a small
trickle in the Klalaloch Creek. But today  Klalaloch Creek was backed up and filled with floating logs. Very fast moving logs
frequently traveling many times faster than I can paddle a kayak.
The water was so foamy that logs that were not in the water collected the froth.
As high tide peaked, we decided to drive up and see what Ruby Beach looked like. Again, there was no exposed sand.
At Klalaloch Lodge last night we were the only ones in the dining room. Likewise, this morning we were the only ones at
breakfast. This is such a slow moving time of the year that the lodge had special rates which we were able to get at the last

Employees at the lodge told us that the best storms come from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Coming home we saw numerous fallen trees that had fallen across the road and had been removed by the highway crews.