Last Dam Summer at Lake Mills
Olympic Peninsula Paddlers
June 19, 2009
Departing from the boat launch. There were fifteen paddlers.
Nan was very quiet. She hardly said a word all day. She was sad that this might be her last paddle on Lake Mills before the
dam comes down.
No dehydration for Gwenn.
"Follow the lake counter clockwise". instructed Felix. (The clocks at Felix's house must run backwards).
Al observes the yellow Sedum flowers growing along the steep banks.
Nearing the entrance of the Elwha.
An eagle observes the group pass by...
...and scratches his head.
Still confused about directions, Felix tried to paddle up the Elwha to Goblins Gate. Failing in that objective, he came sailing
down the river back into the lake....
...with a confused Stan following right behind.
Bill and Stan trying to figure out how to get all this fire wood home.
The winds started to pick up so the group paddled swiftly back down the lake only to have the lake turn placid when they
arrived at the boat launch. Exhausted from the swift return paddle, they feasted on sandwich left overs, and Nan was still silent.