Paddling Lake Ozette with the Olympic Peninsula Paddlers
November 28, 2008
The Day After Thanksgiving
It was dark and gloomy when ten people met at Laird's Corner this morning, but at least it was not raining. Jim and Nan
Benson were there with their daughter and friend, Dwight and Linda, David and Claudia, and Jackie and Elston.

As the five cars drove out the 112, the rain began to come, and rain it would all day long, something well beyond a
This guy loves to stand on his vehicle.
Bag Lady Nan.
The paddle began omimously. Originally, we were to begin the paddle from the ranger station down the lake to a trail out
to the coast. However, with awkward hikers like David and Elston, it was decided that we would not do the hike and would
instead begin the paddle at Swan Cove. The ominous part was that no one in the group had ever paddled this part of
the lake. Our fearless "co-ordinator", Jim Benson, suggested that the wind and rain did not make a full crossing of the
lake a good idea, so he suggested we paddle down the lake and up a nearby river to stay protected. Paddle we did, but
we found no river.
Lake Ozette is the third largest natural lake in Washington state  behind only Lake Chelan and Lake Washington. Our
paddle began at Swan Cove.
Eventually, the group decided that we should forgo the turkey sandwiches that bag lady had brought and head back to
the Break Water restaurant for a late lunch. So, we headed back to the put in spot.
Of course, there is
always someone who
needs to stop for a
pee break, so the
obligatory stop was
made at a camp site
on the way back where
the happy group stood
around and made chit
chat and had a
hilarious time telling
We were almost back to Swan Bay when a great discovery occurred. We found the river!
One of our would be paddlers (below) decided this was
not for him and Ma Ma Linda quickly concluded she
would stay with Bow Wow.
Fearless co-ordinator.
It turned out that the river was no more than five minutes from the put in spot, so after enjoying the beauty of the river,
we paddled back to Linda and Bow Wow, both of them chipper and dry. After packing up our wet gear, we headed to the
Breakwater where we had more hilarious fun. Jackie and I headed home while the rest of the group headed out to
Hobuck to watch the sunset.
Written Two Days Later by Dwight Waknitz:

Hi Ozette Paddlers,

Have you dried out yet!
Looking at the map of our adventure we paddled about 6.5 miles. Some  of the highlights along the way
were Boot Bay which is shaped oddly  enough like a boot. It looks like an inverse of Italy on the map. The  
point with the house on it is Preachers Point, the island was Garden,  the point with the sweat lodge was
Benson Pt. and we paddled up the Big River. It was a wet day but fun.