Jackie Goes to the Twilight Zone
New Year 2010 with the Port Ludlow Hiking Group
organized by Hilda and Michael
What could be a better (worse) way to welcome the New Year than go to the Rain Forest, the rainiest place in the 48 states.
Hilda and Michael Kahn organized this outing the historic Lake Quinault Lodge which has had many celebrity visitors including
Franklin Roosevelt. Most of these people were sensible enough not to come at the rainiest part of the year.

Pictured below is Jackie standing in front of the rain gauge which is set at the record rainfall at the lodge, 15 feet.
Three years ago we attended a similar retreat with the Port Ludlow group at Lake Quinault for the New Year and had no rain.
This time we were not disappointed. It rained the whole time, and our last night the rain and wind knocked out the power
supply. So, while our friends in Southern California enjoyed seventy degree weather and watched the Rose Parade, we rusted
away in the rain forest.

Going to the Lodge, we drove in on the north side of the lake and looped around to the lodge. It was a cathedral of mosses the
whole way.
This waterfall is much bigger than it
looks in this picture. We were going to
come back on our last day so Jackie
could stand in the picture to give it
perspective. However, the wind and rain
was strong enough that we were
concerned that we might be trapped by
falling trees, so this is the only record we
have of the waterfall.

Below, the bottom portion of the waterfall.
The sun stays very low in the sky at this time of the year, so the Rain Forest is a dark and gloomy place.
We watched salmon swim up this stream.
One of many streams flowing down to the Lake.
Bald Eagles sat along the Quinault River where they fed on salmon carcases. They will continue to get wet and eat fish into  
On our way to Lake Quinault, we stopped at the Hoh River to visit one of several resident elk herds and we also saw elk at
Lake Quinault.  The elk herds are primarily female.  
It is a miserable life. However, we do a good job pretending like we enjoy living here so as to save face with our friends down