Leopard and Cheetah
We were fortunate to have some great leopard experiences.

Our guide found this leopard in a tree in Sabi Sabi private reserve at Kruger, South Africa.
Someone then pointed out that the leopard had a half eaten meal high up in the tree.
When we came back that evening, the leopard was still in the tree. We sat and watched him when he suddenly got up
and climbed up to work on his dinner.
Once again in
The next day we encountered another leopard, this one sitting on a termite mound.
Suddenly, the leopard got up and set out to stalk prey. Since Sabi Sabi is a private reserve, our vehicle and another
vehicle followed along off road as the leopard totally ignored our presence. It was bizarre and fascinating..
Once again at Camp Moremi, we had another great leopard encounter. This leopard (below) sat in a tree watching some
Suddenly, the leopard stood up and descended the tree walking just by our vehicle after some impala. This time we
were in a national park, so our vehicle could not follow.
At Camp Moremi we were also fortunate to see Cheetah on three different occasion. Cheetah are even rarer than