Paddling with Dick and Heidi to the Lighthouse
December 6, 2008
OPP Paddle
The paddle began at 8:30 a.m. with Rene demanding to know why we were leaving at this ungodly hour. There was a total of
twenty people for the paddle.
It was an amazing sunrise. It lasted three hours. This picture of David and Claudia was taken an hour after official sunrise.
The group headed toward the light house where half the group proceeded out to the end of the spit.
The New Dungeness Light Station is one of the
oldest lighthouses in the Northwest with several
of the buildings intact. The Lighthouse has been
in continuous operation, providing navigational
aids since its completion in 1857. It is a five mile
walk to the lighthouse out the spit or a three mile
paddle from Kline Spit.

Since completion of the lighthouse in 1857, the
spit has grown another 1/2 mile and this area is
closed as a wildlife sanctuary. One way to see
the rest of the spit is by kayak from on the water.
Jim and Nan led those who paddled to the end of the spit around to the other side of the spit to view the lighthouse from the
Returning back around the spit at 10:15 a.m., we had another view of the three hour sunrise.
Afterward, Dick and Heidi (below) had the group over for a fun potluck. They were such wonderful hosts. Dick even exchanged
his Crocs for my imitation Crocs with the broken strap.