Paddling with the Rain Shadow Kayakers
Now a Division of OPP

January 25, 2009

Fresh Water Bay

Ms. Lydia, the new Balloon Boy
This morning Jackie and I paddled with Felix and the Rain Shadow Kayakers in Fresh Water Bay. There were a lot of swells,
and when we got across the bay to the entrance of the Elwha River, there was discussion about going on to the other side of
the point to try and find a land spot for lunch. Since this was the first time in four months that Jackie and I had paddled on sea
water, we decided to turn around to make sure we had the energy to make it back. We arrived back at the car and ate lunch
and were about to go home when we saw the other kayakers coming back. They had not been able to find a good place to
land for lunch. So, I got out my camera.

It was at this point that our friend Ms. Lydia Stanhope pulled a balloon boy trick and put on this show for my camera. It is
amazing what people will do to be able to appear on my web site!

The first rule is not to get side ways to a wave when coming to shore. Clearly this had to have been done on purpose.
All of these pictures were taken in just a little over one second. Notice how poised Ms. Lydia remains.
Prince Michael to the rescue!
"Remember, you are totally responsible for your own safety," Pygmy Kayak Leader called out as he landed.
The surf was full of seaweed. Below, Michael and Lydia's kayaks.
With some help, Renee lands.
Below, Renee's kayak covered with seaweed..
The pygmy owner had more class and washed off his kayak before bringing it up to the car.
Below, other kayakers seeing the example of the clean pygmy kayak proceed to clean their kayaks as well.
A tilt of the paddle to Pygmy Kayak Leader for choosing the right spot for today's paddle. Winds in Port Townsend were so
strong the ferry was cancelled. On the coast there were 25 foot swells. But we paddled in the sweet spot with no wind and
moderate swells.