A Photo Shoot with Mark Pearson

and The Brothers Four Concert the next day

April 2017
Mark asked us to shoot some pictures for his upcoming album--Gratitude, Grit, and Grace.

There is a campfire theme to the album. So, Mark asked us to come to his house in Port Ludlow to take the pictures. The house is one of the
loveliest houses that I have seen on the Olympic Peninsula. There are several huge stumps in the yard. Old Growth trees with the notches in
them from the platforms where loggers cut down the trees a century ago. A new forest has developed around his house which is located on
the beach. A great place for a camp fire.

It was our privilege to receive and hear and read all the songs on Mark's upcoming album. Mark is a great story teller, and the songs on the
album relate his journey through life. His voice is rich and he is talented on a variety of string instruments. I highly recommend to our friends
that they attend his concert at Benaroya Hall on Saturday, May 13. More information about purchasing tickets is available at Mark's web site:
Mark's Concert

Below are some of the pictures we took of Mark and his wife, Pat.
Note the notch in the tree stump at the right top of the stump in the picture below.
Pat and Jackie carrying camera equipment. I had two sherpas.
Jackie and Pat, two great sherpas.
Mark wanted us to come over and stay the night in their cabin so we could get pictures in the nice light of the evening and the next morning.
Anyone familiar with our weather this year knows that this was a rather ludicrous idea. Except that we had a beautiful afternoon and evening in
which to take pictures at Mark's home.
The good weather had ended. It was raining. A big storm was on the way. We beat a hasty retreat back to Burien anticipating that the Hood
Canal Bridge might close soon.

Mark was kind enough to ask me to photograph the May 13 concert. After the concert, I plan to add pictures of that event below. In the
meantime, click on the link below for the Brothers Four concert of April 8.
The next morning Ted Brancato came over for breakfast. Ted is the pianist on the album and will be playing at the upcoming concert. He
also arranges and records for Mark.