Black-footed Albatross
Midway Atoll
The number of Black-footed Albatross on Midway is much less than the number of Laysan Albatross. The total world
population of he Black-footed Albatross is approximately 129,000 with about one-third of them nesting on Midway Atoll. The
Black-footed Albatross nest on the fringes of the two Midway Islands to be nearer the water as they are more heat sensitive
than the Laysan Albatross.
The Black-footed Albatross are a shier than the Laysan and they supposedly will respond more aggressively if approached too
closely. However, compared with most birds, they are not much impacted by the presence of humans.
Courtship manners we observed were much the same for Black-footed Albatross and Laysan Albatross.
Like the Laysan Albatross, the Black-footed albatross enjoy flying around and above the Midway Islands.
The most distinctive difference visible to us between the two albatross was the color and...
...the manner in which the Black-footed Albatross walk. Unlike the Laysan Albatross which walk with heads up, the
Black-foooted Albatross walk hunched down in what has been called the Nixon Walk.
The chicks are fed the same for both species of albatross.
And babies in adjacent nests are beat up the same as with Laysan Albatross. Below, a parent leaves its chick (background) to
beat up on a neighboring chick.