December 21, 2008
The Shortest Day of the Year
A Hike on the Discovery Trail
An Old Railroad Bed
First, we shoveled the driveway. Then we drove down our road to the 101 to Morse Creek.
The bridge across Morse Creek is an old railroad trestle.
After a half mile, the trail reaches the Strait of Juan de Fuca and at the end of five miles, Port Angeles. The Port Angeles
Harbor is the deepest natural harbor in the US. Note the oil tankers in the background.
We went 2 1/2 miles turning around after we encountered this otter close to the trail.
It was time to go home. Note the six foot long ice cycles on the sun room.
To the right of the closest oil tanker (which stop in Port Angeles for maintenance) is the Coast Guard station. Further to the
right you can see Vancouver, Canada. Since I can see Canada from our house, I have foreign policy credentials to be