Mount Hood Getaway
September 10-13
Once again we were privileged to be included with the Port Ludlow hiking group's Getaway, this time to Mount Hood, Oregon.
This year the Getaway was blessed with four days of blue sky which added to the magnificence of the Getaway.

The picture
below was taken on the third at Mirror Lake.
Seventy three people participated in this event. We stayed at Mount Hood Inn at Government Camp. On Monday most of the
group met at the Inn where we hiked up into the town of Government Camp and then around a trail and back to the camp.
On the second day, we hiked with Jack Riggen to Elk Meadows for a spectacular view of Mount Hood. Along the way we
crossed a solid bridge, but the second stream had no bridge, so we crossed a log.
Going up, everyone crossed the
log with minimal difficulty. I
reached out for one of the limbs,
and like others discovered that
the limbs were rotten and likely
to break if used for support.

Left, Hilda crosses the stream
via the log.
On our way up, we
passed a living tree with
no bark. The tree is also
covered with x-marks
which are not man made.
The park service has no
explanation for this

Our lunch spot,
was absolutely
spectacular. We sat in
front of an open hut, ate
lunch, and gazed at the
Up to this point, the hike had gone smoothly. But coming back
some hikers were put to the test! Doris Monti has always been a
mentor for Jackie and me, both as a hiker and a kayaker. But it
turns out that like most of us, Doris has her Achilles heal which
for her is heights.

Coming back, we took a loop and crossed a new bridge where
Doris needed Michael's assistance.
At the log, Jackie started to follow Lydia across (left),
when she froze up. Jack grabbed Jackie's day pack
and forcefully led her across the log while I faithfully
recorded this event for posterity.
Three years ago, in the Broken Islands, Doris Monti
tried but failed in her effort to photograph me falling
out of my kayak and into the water as I awkwardly got
out at the take out point. She returned again the
next two days with her camera hoping to catch me
spilling. Not wanting to be embarrassed by one of
her photos, I finally learned how to exit properly from
a kayak. Vengeance is sweet!