Hiking Mount Rainier
It was cloudy when we arrived Monday and foggy in the evening. But Tuesday morning when we went outside at 5:45 a.m., the
sun light was hitting the Tatoosh Mountains across from Paradise. There was fog, but only below our elevation.
The next morning, Jackie and I got up at 5 a.m. so that we could see the sunrise hit Mount Raniier.
Just two weeks before we arrived, there was five feet of snow around most of Paradise. There were still patches of snow at the
beginning of the trail, and snow became more abundant as the elevation increased.
10,000 people a year try to summit Mount Rainier. These would be summit mountain climbers were practicing for their trip up the
mountain. Only half the people who set out for the top actually make it to the top although favorable weather favored these
folks. Note the red algae in the snow.
Eventually Mount Adams and Mount Hood came into view.
That is Adams in the picture above and on the left below with Mount Hood on the right.
We had great views of glaciers.
Mount Saint Helen rising above the Tatoosh Mountains.
Below is a picture of Camp Muir where those climbing to the top spend the night. This was the destination for George and
Martha's day hike on day one of our stay at Paradise.
In the picture below you can see a group of climbers hiking along a ridge on ice on their way up the Summit. This was taken at   
7 a.m. on the second day. Those summiting the mountain begin this part of the hike from Camp Muir at 12 a.m.
Early morning sun light hitting Mount Rainier.
We encountered wonderful areas of wildflowers on the way up in the most unexpected places.
Elston on the trail.
Lots of water flowing from the glaciers.