The Buildings in South New Zealand
The oldest city in New Zealand is Dunedin, in the southern part of New Zealand. The south island was settled first
because of Maori resistance in the northern island. These cities have since languished which has protected the unique
buildings of the Victorian era.

These are some of the buildings in Dunedin, Invercargill, Oamaru, and Gore.
The Dunedin railroad
station (left and
Above, the Invercargill water tower.

Below, Jackie under a Rhododendron
Have you seen the movie, World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins? Then you know that Bart Munro was from
Invercargill. Below left is the motorcyle he used to set the world speed record. The bike on the right is another of his
bikes.  Jackie is looking at the cover that was made for the movie. The motorcyle is on display at Hammer Hardware in
Left, a 1918 Indian Motorcycle
to show what the motorcycle
would have looked like before
Bart Munro's changes.
Below, Jackie looks at car
used in the film by Anthony
Our motel in Invercargill was
across the street from the
cemetery. We had an hour to
kill the last morning, so we
walked through the cemetery
where we stumbled across
Munro's grave site.