Olympic Peninsula Paddlers Honor Bruce
January 1,2011, Polar Plunge
The OPP met at Paddle Park this morning to
paddle over to Hollywood Beach to honor Bruce
for his eleventh year of stupidity.

Seventeen paddlers (which did not include
Jackie and me) were dressed warmly for the 25
degrees paddle against the breeze. Several of
the paddlers appeared to be Peruvian.
The group arrived at Hollywood Beach just in time to see Trench Coat Bruce get
ready for the annual New Year Polar Plunge.
It was so much fun they did it
three times!
Bruce does these polar
plunges so he can collect
these valuable certificates.

Below, a more sanely dressed
Jackie looks on at the
paddlers. While it was
somewhat windy at Paddle
Park, it was quite calm at
Hollywood Beach.

Below, mama and
sister were so proud?
The group paddled back to Paddle Park, this time with the wind pushing them along.
Afterward, the group retired to Bill and Cindy's for a delicious and substantial breakfast, almost as good as the Bagel Shop.