Newfoundland Atlantic Puffins and Gannets
In Bonavista, we had our first encounter with Atlantic Puffins at the nearby town of Elliston. The puffins were located on a huge rock out in the
water just a little further than a stone's throw away.
Puffins dig burrows in the ground for their nests. They are small, and their chicks are too vulnerable to grow up in the open.
Our next stop was Placentia which was an hour's drive from Cape Saint Mary's Ecological Reserve where thousands of Gannets breed. We
made four visits to the cape, driving an hour each way, and then walking a mile to the bird rookery. Our first three times the rock was shrouded
in fog, but our last trip was successful--for 90 minutes.
Nesting material
Picking grass in the fog for nesting material.
Fourth Day. Fog lifts!
Even though Newfoundland is the same latitude as Seattle, it looks like the Arctic. Lots of tundra. Trees are quite small.