OPP at the Nippon Plant
May 29, 2009
Bruce was anxious to show off his new John Deere Kayak so the Friday morning paddle was moved to Paddle Park so that
Bruce could show off his new kayak against the back drop of the sun drenched Nippon Plant.

Below, Darth Vader meets John Deere.
Darth Vader could not restrain himself from paddling as fast as possible toward the Nippon Plant.
The group of nine people eagerly paddled under the low bridge to the holding pond for a better view and smell of the plant.
The smell of the Nippon plant was compelling.
Elated with the spectacular view, the group of nine paddlers reluctantly continued on and paddled under the bridge to the
Despite staying up until 12:30 a.m. to see the new Star Wars movie, Torpedo Man arrived timely to participate in the paddle.
Having donated his old life vest to a good cause, he wearing his new deluxe life vest.
Below, Dwight and Linda arrive back invigorated from the paddle and the fresh air.
This will go down as one of the most memorable OPP paddles.