Our late May early June, 2019 trip to

Nome and Barrow

Jackline and Elston Hill
This was the view of the area south of Nome, Alaska when we flew in on May 23, 2019.  There is a sand spit many miles long that encloses an
area called Safety Sound. This is a great area to look for birds and it is the end of the route for the Iditarod.
Nome is a great place. It is located on the most Western portion of Alaska on the Bering Sea just across from Russia. The city was
incorporated in 1901 during the gold rush and was once Alaska's biggest city. Today it is a small city of 3,800 people. It is an authentic Alaska
city unspoiled by cruise ships. With only three modest sized hotels, it is not a tourist city. What makes it amazing for an Alaskan City is the fact
that it has almost three hundred miles of gravel roads to explore.
Terns were everywhere this year.
Terns love the guard rails on bridges where they can look down for prey in the water.
There are may many abandoned dredges in Nome from gold mining, particularly along and in the rivers.
Old Saint Joseph's Catholic Church built in 1901 is one of the oldest buildings in the
city and has been restored. Most buildings and equipments are left to decay into the
Lots of mating rituals going on.
Numerous Pintails
Loons doing mating ritual.
It was amazing how many small birds there were and how noisy it
was with all their songs.
Ptarmigan were molting from white to their summer brown colors.
Quite a few muskoxen around the
Nome area.
Gull brings nesting material to nest on top of abandoned gold dredge.
My favorite photo of the trip. A Jaeger hovering in flight looking for prey.
Common Eider
From Nome, we flew to Barrow (with a plane change in Anchorage and a stop in Deadhorse). Barrow,  officially the City of Utqiaġvik, is the
most northern city in the United States. We arrived on May 30 and left on June 3. The temperature never exceeded 35 degrees Fahrenheit
and was as low as 27 degrees. There are no paved streets in Barrow and most housing is very basic.
Greater White-fronted Geese were the most prolific bird in Barrow in early June.
Snow Geese
Dredges still search for gold off the
beaches of Nome in the Bering Sea.
Gold mining is till the most important
source of income in Nome.
Long tailed duck.
Subway. Best restaurant in Nome.
Great view of Bering Sea. Good
service. Most reasonably priced food.
And healthy choices. Every sandwich
and breakfast can be ordered as a
Red Phalarope
Stiller Eider
Red Neck Phalarope
Snow Bunting
Rufus Crown Sparrow
In Nome we recommend the Aurora Inn. Nice rooms (but with expensive wifi). Nice Ford Explorers for rent. In Barrow we stayed at the King
Eider Inn which was ok and also rents vehicles.