Nome Summer 2018 (last week of July)

with Jackie and Elston
Jackie and I had such a good time in Nome the last week in May that we returned again the last week of July. Quite a change. It was wintery in
late May. It was full summer in late July. Lots of birds in May. Very few birds in July.

Below are pictures in chronological order. In May, we could only safely drive 90 miles of road. In July, we were able to drive more than two
hundred miles of road. We started early and usually saw no more than one car an hour.
Abandoned railroad engines from the 1880s gold rush.
Whooping Cranes
Arctic Tern flying upside down after a dive.
Nome is litered with abandoned gold dredges.
Red-throated Loon
Ptarmigan and chicks.
Fox with two just caught Ptarmigans.
Incredible salmon runs.
The Russians are coming  --  post WWII radar defense.
Modern day dredges inspired by realty TV.
Salmon drying in subsistence indigenous village.