Olympic Peninsula Paddlers in Port Angeles Harbor
July 24, 2009
The locals were waking up when our paddling group of 14 arrived.
They thought some of our group looked suspicious.
"I can't wait to see the Nippon Plant",
said Bruce. "Rene will be so envious
that he did not make this paddle."
"We don't have anything like this in Sequim", exclaimed Jon.
With tears of sadness in
their eyes, the group
reluctantly left the holding
pond. Coming in they
paddled against a strong
tide current. This time
they were whipped out as
if riding on a roller coaster.

"Sure beats doing the
Broken Islands",
exclaimed Claudia.
We encountered more locals suspicious of our group. We then passed the crane that will
soon depart Port Angeles for Oregon.
At the Marina, Pam
considered trading in her
kayak for a yacht built by

"I designed that yacht,"
commented Torpedo Man.

"What time is breakfast?"
Jackie asked the captain.
"Never mind. Today we get
to tell Bruce where we want
to have breakfast."
After exchanging a few more
pleasantries with the captain,
the group headed back to
Paddle Park and on to Cafe
Garden for a real breakfast
with real eggs.
Port Angeles Harbor. A fun place to paddle.