Olympic Peninsula Paddlers Cleanup
Ozette Beach
April 26, 2008
The group hikes 3 miles to the beach over the boardwalk.

The blooming skunk cabbage was appropriate to the
Northern Washington state has the wildest and most scenic beaches in the US. That is because there are no roads running
along the northern coast so the only way to reach the beaches is by boat or hiking.

The Olympic Peninsula Paddlers participated in the beach cleanup weekend by going to Lake Ozette. From the lake, the
group walked a trail three miles to the beach, then three miles down the beach, and three more miles back on a different trail.
Arriving at the beach, Bruce pauses for a scratch.

The tide was very low. Otherwise, we would not have been able
to walk the beach.

On our way down the beach, we paused to look at some old
The self-proclaimed trash expert, Nan, told us we were not to pick up trash until we reached the mid-point and ate our lunch.
After lunch the group gets to work.
We had so much fun!
Below and far right, Jackie with her