OPP Paddle, Kline Spit to Dungeness Spit
October 16, 2010
with Steve Sedlaceck
If I counted correctly, there were 17 Olympic
Peninsula Paddlers this morning.

Our group was not the first one there. As we
prepared to launch our kayaks, we heard the
sound of gun shots. It was bird hunting season
and hunting was going on in the field next to the
launch site. And as we were launching, two
hunting boats landed.

The paddle was announced for 9:30 a.m. By
9:20, the Friday Paddlers were on the water
anxious to get going.
Eventually the sleepy eyed Californians entered their kayaks and joined the patiently waiting Friday morning paddlers..
Leader Steve in the Sea Beast led his motley group out to the Dungeness Spit.
There was a much larger variety and quantity of birds than we normally see on a paddle to the Dungeness Spit.
I love the light at this time of year. The sun never gets very high. If you have not been a winter paddler, that is a good reason
for paddling at this time of year. If you are not an early riser, this is as close as you will get to experience the delights of a
sunrise paddle.
Some of the first paddlers to the lighthouse got out of their kayaks there. But soon, most of the paddlers continued on to the
end of the Dungeness Spit and beyond.
There were at least a hundred seals at the end of the spit. They blended so well into the beach that many of the paddlers
needed a fellow paddler to point them out.
Numerous cormorants flew over us.
Eventually the group returned to the light house location and landed to eat lunch.
Then Steve announced, "The Chinese are Coming," and all the kayakers fled to their kayaks and paddled back to Kline Spit
where Gwen demonstrated the way to do a graceful kayak exit..
If I had hair on my chest, I would shave my head too!