Summer in the Olympics - 2007
During late June and early July 2007, we had several visitors and also hiked with the Klahhanes. These pictures were taken
from Hurricane Ridge and Hurricane Hill, Klahhane Ridge, and Heather Park on these hikes.
Above, the Olympics from
Khlahhane Ridge on July 7
with Mount Olympus in the
center. Left, from the same
viewpoint, Mount Olympus, the
tallest mountain in the

Due to large winter snowfalls,
Mount Olympus supports large
glaciers, despite its modest
elevation, 2,427 m (7,963 ft),
and relatively low latitude
(48°). These glaciers include
Blue, Hoh, Humes, Jeffers,
Hubert, and White, the longest
of which is Hoh at 4.93 km
(3.06 mi). The largest is Blue
with a volume of 0.57 km and
area of 5.31 km.
We took several visitors up to Hurricane Ridge and Hurricane Hill, so named because winds there can reach hurricane force.
The hike is only 1.5 miles, but it is steep, and those of our visitors who make it usually struggle to make it to the top. However,
those who make it to the top never regret the effort. On the way up, there are spectacular wildflowers.
Above, John and Carolyn making it to the top. Below, looking across at the Strait to Canada on July 10. The snow covered
mountains in the background are all in Canada and are anywhere from 140 miles to 250 miles away. The pilot boat sails back
to Port Angeles after dropping off a pilot to the freighter for its voyage into Seattle Tacoma.
Left, a freighter sails by on the strait.
The white dots on Vancouver Island
are Victoria, British Columbia.

Below, looking west from Hurricane Hill,
one can see Mount Baker (elevation
10,778 feet), 140 miles away on the
US side of the Canadian border. After
Mount Rainier, Baker is the most
heavily glaciated of the Cascade
volcanoes: the volume of snow and ice
on Mount Baker (0.43 cubic miles, 1.8
cubic kilometers) is greater than that of
all the other Cascades volcanoes
(except Rainier) combined. It is also
one of the snowiest places in the world:
Left and below, there was still
snow on the shady side of
Hurricane Hill on July 10.

Hurricane Hill is 5757 feet
Finally, a picture taken
yesterday, July 11 from
Heather Park. This is a long
tough hike with lots of
elevation gain, compounded
by a record high of 93
degrees in Port Angeles

Again, there were awesome
views. The mountain in the
picture at the left is Mount
Baker once again. The long
piece of sand going out into
the strait is the Dungeness
Spit. It is 5 1/2 miles long, the
longest spit in the United
States and one of the longest
in the world.