Oregon Wildflowers and More

with Jackie and Elston Hill
The pictures below were taken on our trip to South Central Oregon with Linda Moore, leader for a Mountaineer's activity in April
2016. More about specific destinations at the end.
Ground Cone
Mariposa Lilly
Cats Ear
Mountain Dogwood
Blue Dicks
Toothed Balsamroot
Wooly Vetch and Bumble Bee
Minature Lupine
Blue Dicks
Broom Rape
Wild Turkey
Lupine in Washington State on our way to Oregon -- and other flowers in Washington near Columbia Gorge
Painted Hills, Oregon
Fawn Lilly
California Pitcher-Plant
and flower below
Apple Blossoms
Mule Deer
A few more details about the trip. We drove down the eastern Cascades to Mitchell where we roamed the Painted Hills. From
Mitchell, we stayed in Medford and Grants Pass where we joined Linda and the Mountaineers who were camping at the Valley of
the Rogue State Park (which includes Yurt rentals).

During our five days in south central Oregon, we hiked the following flower trails: Beekman Native Plants Arboretum and
Jacksonville Woodlands, Jacksonville, OR; Upper Table Rock and Lower Table Rock near Medford; Rough and Ready Trail;
Star Flats Trail; Eight Dollar Mountain; Limpy Creek; and Waters Creek.

Linda Moore is a fantastic leader. She is so knowledgeable about the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. We are grateful to
her for organizing such a productive trip.
Siskiyou Iris
Western Wallflower
Indian Paint Brush
Beetles making whoopi
Golden Iris
Wild Mariposa Lillly