Other Wildlife in Southern Africa
The most abundant animal visually were the Impalas which were everywhere. The guides joking referred to them as the
MacDonald's of the land.
We saw some Wildebeest on a regular basis and quite a number of Kudo, one of the many species of Antelope in Southern
Africa. Below, Wildebeest and a male Kudo.
Right, female Kudo.
Left, Steembok, a very small

At Deception Valley, the
staff got tired of the
Porcupine raiding the
garbage at night so they set
out the fruit and vegetable
scraps each evening.
Porcupine feed at night and
live in burrows in the ground.
Left, a Small-Spotted Genet.
Solitary, nocturnal, they are agile
climbers and do not belong to the
cat family.

Below, Ground Squirrels were quite
One of the more bizarre animals is the Wart Hog.
Below, Black Back Jackel.
Below, one of the most beautiful animals and another member of the antelope family, the Sable, a very large animal.