Baboons and more
Baboons were frequently seen. At the end of the trip, when we went to the air strip, our
guides drove the landrover up and down the runway swerving and honking their horn to
drive the baboons, wart hots, and six giraffes off the runway so our plane could land.
At our campsite, the crew had slingshots which they used to drive the monkies out of the
dining area. When the monkies saw the sling shot, they would quickly drift away. Below is
one of those monkies seated in front of our tent on an old wood canoe. Jackie was
fascinated by the male's blue balls.
An awesome tree was the Baobob tree. Elephants rub against this tree. When water is in short
supply, they rip the bark and poke their trunks into the trunk of the tree to suck out the liquid.
These trees can be hundreds of year old. However, they are soft inside and decompose quickly
when dead.