A 70th Birthday Celebration in the Pasayten Wilderness

with Elston and Jackline Hill and Elena

June 2012
This is an account of the celebration of my birthday with my wife Jackie and daughter Elena, horseback riding and camping in the
Pasayten Wilderness.

The Pasayten Wilderness is located on the eastern side of the Cascades next to the Canadian border.

Our trip was made possible by Early Winter Outfitters. If you are interested in traveling with these folks, read more about them at
the bottom of this page.

Below are links to the web pages with our account of the trip. If you wish to read the whole account, just click on the first link and
at the bottom of each page is a link to the next page.
Our horseback trip was made possible by Aaron and Judy who own Early Winter Outfitters. Quinn worked very hard maintaining
the horses and mules and packing and unpacking our gear. Kevin prepared great meals. Both are very pleasant and were very
attentive to our needs.

Our trip was five days and four nights. We highly recommend Early Winter Outfitters. They more than exceeded our expectations,
and as those of you who know us know, we have high expectations for our trips. The outfitter provided all meals and tents. We
brought our own sleeping bags, clothes, and other personal items. Early Winter Outfitters will also drop off equipment and
supplies for hikers who do not want to backpack in their supplies or who want some form of assistance getting in their supplies.
You can see their web site by clicking this link: .
Early Winter Web Site

We were glad we went in late June. Later in the summer can be warm and dusty and busy on the trail.  We did not see that many
people on our trip. On the rainy morning, I was on the trail lying down taking pictures when a ranger came upon us. The ranger
gasped thinking she had a rescue situation and was relieved to find we were only taking pictures. On our first and second day we
only saw one other person. On our fourth day, no one. The meadow was our private sanctuary never visited by any other persons.