The Trip Begins
The trip began at Early Winter Outfitters outside of Mazama, WA.
A pile of old horse shoes in the yard.
This was our cook, Kevin, who prepared us great meals three times a day.
We rode out with our guides and five horses to the trail head in a pickup truck pulling a trailer with the horses.  Seven mules were
brought out to the trail head the night before. Our outfitter was surprised at our frugality in bringing stuff, so one mule got left
behind and brayed forlornly as we left.
Two of the mules.
Aaron, owner of Early Winters Outfitters, and Quinn pack one of the mules.
Elena gets ready to mount her horse. Elena is a city slicker, so I was concerned as to how she would survive this trip. To our
delight, she took to the life of a cowgirl as if this were the life she was meant to live.
Our horse riding took us up the Pasayten Wilderness Trail # 477 Billy Goat Trail Head to Cougar Lake and on up into the Hidden
Lakes. The Pasayten Wilderness of Washington State, totals 530,031 acres (2145km Sq.). We made a permanent camp at a
meadow about 2/3 the way up to the Hidden Lakes and hiked and road to explore the area including Hidden Lakes.
Having lunch.
Jackie holds a log while Quinn saws firewood. Inside the tent kitchen, Kevin prepares dinner. The kitchen was the size of a double
We completed dinner before the rain started.
Our camp was in a meadow by a river.
This horse is Levi. The horses grazed in the meadow.
Deer grazed in the meadow.