Wildflowers in the Pasayten
The first evening, before dinner, I walked out into the meadow to take a few pictures including some Lupine.
As soon as we finished dinner the first night, it rained and continued to rain until dinner the next evening. That was our only rain. I
was thrilled as it was a light rain and clouds and rain only served to make the flowers prettier.
Indian Paint Brush
Western Serviceberry
These beetles were so small that several would fit on my small fingernail. To most people they are invisible. No one noticed them,
but the leaves of one type of bush were covered with these beetles eating the edge of the leaves.
If there is no name, that means we do not know the name, but we welcome your help.
Penstemon between rocks in open areas.
Spotted Saxifrage
Lupine Leaves
Marsh Forget-me-not
Starry False Solomon's Seal
Star -Flowered False Salomon's Seal
Wild Strawberry