Our Trip to Patagonia
January 2004
This is a trip we shall never forget. Our flight took us from Seattle to New York and then to Buenos Aires (with an unplanned stop in
Puerto Rico for a sick passenger). The tour of Patagonia took two weeks, but we gave ourselves an extra week in Buenos Aires,
something we are very happy we did. Following the links below to our Patagonia excursion, I have included a few pictures of Buenos
Aires. Buenos Aires is a must city to spend at least a week visiting.
A couple dances the tango in an outdoor restaurant. We went to
four evening tango shows with meals, and they were all different
and terrific.
This is the Pink Palace where Evita waved at her many admirers.
On the left, Jackie walks through the La Boca area with
our Buenos Aires guide for the afternoon. Above, is the
widest street in the world.