Animals in Patagonia.
One of the best places to see animals is Torres del Paine. The cutest animals we saw were the Guanacas. They are
llama-like creatures, found in great abundance in the park.
This little fox hung out at a spot where the
vehicles stopped and guides tossed him morsels.
At Ushaia we took a boat out to see the wildlife which includes several large rocks with many seals. The mountains in the
background are in Chile, even though Ushaia is in Argentina. The island is divided between Chile and Argentina. To get
to Ushaia which is in Argentina, a traveler by car must take a ferry to the island and then drive through the Chilean part
of the island to get to Ushaia.
The very end of the southern most road which comes down the coast of Argentina ends in Parque Nacional Tierra del
Fuego. Note that it is 17, 484 kilometers from there to Alaska.