Once again there was a good breakfast and socializing.
And then another pup caught.
Watch this lucky pup at the left of the orca.
The little guy on the left seems to have escaped only to have his playmate nabbed. (Look closely.)
The attacks continued for about twenty minutes or more.
Our final week at the estancia we witnessed  a lone male come up very close and nab a pup at the only colony where attacks
can occur at any tide level.
This was our last chance to witness an orca attack. The next day was a perfectly calm day, a great day for orca attack photos,
but no orcas came. They did not care that we were waiting there with our cameras. Then our last two days the winds picked up
too much.

What I learned is that taking photos of orcas is quite challenging. Serious photographers spend weeks on the beach waiting for
the right conditions to come along to get those dramatic photos. Will we go back? Who knows.

Were we disappointed. Not at all. We had a great and relaxing time and there were other sights to see besides orcas as you will
see on the next pages.
More Orca Attacks
Breakfast continues.