Olympic Peninsula Paddlers (OPP) Meets Polar Endeavor
Port Angeles Harbor
July 9, 2010
A terrible heat wave on the Olympic Peninsula with nary a cloud in the sky. What better time to paddle the Port Angeles Harbor?

Below, Jim and Bill at 6:30 a.m. waiting impatiently for the late arrivals.
Bill and Bruce had paddled around the harbor on Wednesday and Thursday. We followed them around the harbor and under
piers dodging pilings when all of a sudden we emerged at the stern of the Polar Endeavor.
The Polar Endeavor was built in 2007 for Conoco Philips. It is a double hull tanker 894.7 feet long--the length of three NFL
football fields.
There it sat, mostly out of the water.
The orange vessel was also named Polar Explorer and appears to be a life boat.
Some cormorants awaited us on the other side of the ship.
The harbor was a busy place this morning.
Bruce, Bill, and Jackie paddle by a puny old fashioned single hull oil tanker.
Gwen bids the Polar Explorer goodbye.
Early morning is always magical on the water.