Olympic Peninsula Paddlers Celebrate Bruce Monroe's 9th Consecutive Polar Swim
Hollywood Beach, Port Angeles, January 1, 2009
Jackie and I had planned to paddle this morning, but when we saw the forecast for 30 knot winds, we thought we might
be out of our element, so we went directly to Hollywood Beach. However, 12 intrepid members of the paddle club
departed from Paddle Park on Ediz Hook in calm water to paddle across the Port Angeles Harbor to honor Bruce.
Darth Vader led the pack.
The group departed Paddle Park
at 9 a.m. and arrived at
Hollywood beach twenty minutes
early for the ten o'clock
spectacle. Bruce looked on
solemnly  at his devoted
followers dressed in his flasher
outfit (below).
By 9:55 a crowd of swimmers close to one hundred people had gathered.
Water temperature: 44 degrees.Fahrenheit
Air temperature: 34 degrees Fahrenheit
It was snowing when we left the house.
A few seconds before ten a.m., the crowd  burst into the water.
It was wonderful to see so many happy faces and perfect bodies.
Below, a little seaweed on Bruce's legs.
The polar swimmers had such a great time that they repeated the swim into the strait two more times.

After this emotional and touching experience, the paddlers set out to paddle around the red buoy at the tip of Ediz Hook.
Jackie and I drove over to Paddle Park to walk and wait for paddlers to return. We waited and waited and it got colder,
windier, and rainier, but there were no paddlers. Finally the paddlers came into view paddling against a strong wind.
They emerged from their kayaks with glorious looks of pleasure and accomplishment on their faces.
Afterwards, the club honored Bruce's nine year's of idiocy at a wonderful potluck at the home of Linda and Dwight
Darth Vader defeated and almost
capsized getting out of his kayak.