Potlatch State Park Paddle
June 28, 2009
Rainshadow Kayakers
with Cecil Oxford
Potlatch State Park is at the southern most point on Hood Canal and Highway 101. The prediction was for 15 to 25 knots on the
Strait and 10 to 15 knots from the north on the Hood Canal. But this spot on the southern end of the Hood Canal was protected
and calm as we started our paddle.
We paddled with Cecil leading about a mile east to the mouth of a river and then paddled up the river. As we paddled up the
river, the current got stronger and the log jams increased.
Coming around a bend, there was a strong current into a log jam and one of our paddlers was trapped by the current against
the log jam. Her concerned husband swiftly paddled to her side and whispered sweet encouragements to paddle harder, but the
current was too strong.
Fortunately, our two well organized paddlers had brought ropes and they were able to pull the distressed paddler to safety.
Here, the two organized paddlers hold the rope ready to pull
At this point, sweet hubby was trapped in the log jam. The back of his kayak had lodged under a limb and the rudder added to
the problem of his being trapped. The rudder was lowered into the water. Still, this was not enough, and two ropes had to be
attached, one at each end to pull the kayak free.
Below, the freed kayaker.
At this point we carried our kayaks over to the main channel of the river which was much wider where log jams would no longer
be a problem.
The group now paused to eat lunch with the main channel on the left.
Here the rescued kayaker takes his boots off so he can wring the water out from his socks.
Before returning down the river, the group paddled up the main channel of the river a little ways.
Thanks to Cecil for a nice and different paddle.