Mount Rainier
September 6-9, 2005
We went to Mount Rainier to hike with the Port Ludlow hiking group. There were more than fifty wonderful hikers and we
had a terrific time hiking the mountain. On the first afternoon we had a pleasant hike that was led by Carol Porter.  Both
the above and below pictures were taken that first afternoon.
On the second day, everyone cancelled out of the hike to Eagle Point. But then we were joined by the "bad boys",
Herman (founder of the club), Bill and Don. The third day Adele Govert led us on the hike to Paradise Glacier and then
to Panorama Viewpoint. The views both days were spectacular. We could see Mount Adams, Mount Hood (in Oregon)
as well as into the Crater of Mount Saint Helen which had a plume of smoke rising from the center.
The above three pictures were taken at the saddle at Eagle Point, a rise of 3,000 feet from Longmire. The first picture is
Jackie with Don and Bill. The second picture is Mount Adams, and the third picture is Mount Saint Helen with the rising
plume of smoke. Below, Jackie and the bad boys cross the river on the way back to our lodge at Longmire.
In the Alpine, we were treated with a new site, a Snipe.
Yes, they really do exist!
The trail to Panorama is one of the highest in the park. At over 7,000 feet, we sat down for lunch. From our lunch spot
we could see Camp Muir at 10,000 feet (above right) Those who climb Mount Rainier usually hike to Camp Muir the fist
day. There they rise in the wee hours of the morning to make their assult on the 14,411-foot summit.
As we looked at Camp Muir, we thought of Mike Porter who hiked
there the day before in half the normal time as a party of one. We also
thought of our good friend Carolyn Morillo, the oldest woman to ever
hike to the summit and a hiker who always outpaces us.

Waterfalls cascaded all around us from the glaciers as seen in the
picture on the left.

After soaking in as much of this beauty as we could stand, we all
started our walk back to Paradise (that really is the name) with
fantastic views of the Cascades stretched out in front (below). Note
the clouds starting to drift in for a change in weather.
Following our return to Paradise, we were greeted by a crew from The Weather Channel who asked if we would consent
to an interview. With Mount Rainier in the background, they asked us if we knew that Mount Rainier could launch at any
time mud slides that would reach to the Puget Sound. Then they asked us what we would do if we were on the mountain
and it erupted. I know all of you have nothing better to do than watch TWC, so please let us know if you see the

We wish to thank the Port Ludlow group for including us in this exciting adventure--the great potluck as well as the
wonderful socialization at happy hour and meals. We had a wonderful time and a great adventure. In particular, we wish
to thank Hilda Cahn for organizing this endeavor, Dan Darrow for sending us all the updates, and Doris Monti for
including us.