Some of the Ruins.
We jokingly called this ruin
(right)  "E T".

Many of the statues were
lined up in rows on splendid
platforms. Below you can
see eight statutes toppled
face down.
In recent years some of the platforms and statutes have been repaired. Below is a series of four pictures of the Ahu
Tongariki which was restored by the Japanese. At one time there were twice as many statutes as below. In a few instances
such as the next to last statute on the right, the red top knots have been restored as well.
At first I thought the platforms were more elaborate than the original, but as we roamed the island and looked at unrestored
platforms, I realized that the restorations were faithful to the originals.
The Topknots at the right are some of the ones
missing from the statutes above.

Right, below, Jackie at the Topknot quarry which
is nine miles from the other quarry. I will not even
discuss the issue of moving the statues ten
miles and more
Everywhere we roamed on the islands
there was evidence of the Rapa Nui