Raspberry Island Remote Camps
Doris had arranged for our group of six to
stay at Raspberry Island Remote Camps.
We were picked up by boat at Kodiak
Island by Lee Robbins. He took us on a
leisurely ride to the camp on Raspberry
Island showing us the sites along the way.
The most astonishing part of the ride was
when he sailed us by a raft of hundreds of
otters floating in a kelp bed.
Over the next few days, we saw many more sea otters. They
were generally uncooperative when it came to taking their
pictures taking a dive just as I got in camera range. But they
were fascinating to watch.
The majority of visitors to the four cabin camp are fishermen,
so we had fantastic fresh fish at dinner.
Lee's four cabin camp is the only year
round habitation on the island. It only
serves visitors in the summer. Our
objective was to paddle in this beautiful

Pictured below is a small portion of
Raspberry Island.
Paddling around the island, we were
almost never out of view of eagles or the
sound of falling water.
A meadow in Raspberry Island.
Tufted Puffins. We saw them by the hundreds
coming into Raspberry Island, but unfortunately
they were small and refused to pose for close
up pictures.