Reindeer People
We proceed to the northern tip of Mongolia to Hovsgol Lake. Just before reaching the lake we encountered a family of the
reindeer people. There are approximately 70 of these families along the border with Siberia. These people use reindeer for
meat, milk, transpiration and for their hides. These people have historically lived in tepees just like the American Indians.
The reindeer people invited
us into their tepee.
We were served reindeer milk
and dried reindeer. Here Jackie
and our guide, Maggie, drink
reindeer milk and snack on the
reindeer meat and cheese.

After eating we went down so
Jackie could visit with the
reindeer and the dogs.

The reindeer family were
camped in this area so they
could sell souvenirs and
charge for their photos ($3).
They would be moving on a 30
day trip to a new location using
their reindeer to haul their
tepee and supplies.
During Soviet control, the government
tried to Westernize the reindeer people.
They imprisoned them so they would
have to use beds and other modern
conveniences. However, the reindeer
people were strong and would not be
broken in their stubborness to hold old
ways. However, one can see that things
are changing. The girl in the picture
above was the daughter of our hostess
and would be going to Ulaanbaatar to go
to school. In preperation for this event,
while we were there, her mother
purchased a sheep for $32. It was to be
killed shortly after our visit and the meat
cured for her to eat at school. After
selling the sheep, the men rode off with
the remainder of their sheep (right). And
we all drove on to Lake Hovsgol.