Revelstoke, British Columbia

July 28 to August 2, 2019

with Jackie and Elston Hill
On July 28, we stopped at  Lac Du Bois Grasslands Protected Area just next to Kamloops, BC.
Revelstoke, population 6700, is located 400 miles east of Vancouver, British Columbia.

We arrived in the afternoon so decided to visit the Revelstoke dam on the Columbia River.
Revelstoke Mountain National Park is located just east of the town of Revelstoke. The area around Revelstoke is unique in that it is the only
interior temperate rain forest on the planet. The drive to the top of Revelstoke is a 5,000 foot elevation With all the precipitation, the road to
the top does not usually open until early July. The wild flowers peak in early August. Below are pictures taken on our trip to the top. There is a
parking lot a mile from the top. We then walked to the top not opting to take the bus provided.
There were red chairs like this to stop and enjoy the view.
Looking down at the lake behind Revelstoke Dam.
Bird in the Columbia River wetlands in Revelstoke.