San Luis Obispo

with Jackie and Elston Hill

April 2018
A quick four day trip from Seattle that
turned out to have lots of fun surprises.

Landing at the San Luis Obispo airport, we
immediately drove an hour north to San
Simeon to see Hearst Castle. Hearst
formally named the estate "La Cuesta
Encantada" ("The Enchanted Hill"), but
usually called it "the ranch". It was built
from 1919 to 1942 with his inheritance.
Hearst never made money with his
newspaper empire but was fortunate to
have a father who became one of the 10
richest men in the US with his silver mining
empire. Like so many wealthy Americans of
his time, Hearst was enamored of
European art and did not bother to support
American artists.
North of San Simeon was a beach with
hundreds of elephant seals, most of
them molting.
California Poppy
The coolest thing about the trip was the sea otters in Morro Bay harbor.
Mother sea otter and baby.
Mama left baby a couple mniutes to go fishing.
Sea Otters tie themselves to kelp to sleep.
The Morro Bay sanctuary is rich in sea life and birds.
Cormorant Rookery
Lots of vultures.
Blue Heron Rookery too
And a great heron rookery as well
The Mission San Luis Obispo
And finally, three photos taken on the plane back to Seattle: Mount Shasta, Lake Tahoe, and the Tacoma Narrows.