The Far Side of Antarctica

Dec 1, 2007 to Jan 7, 2008
The map at the right depicts the anticipated route starting
at the Falklands and arriving at Fremantle (Perth,

The stops in South Georgia and the South Sandwich
Islands went very well and the seas were very good for the
crossing to Antarctica.

At the southern end of the South Sandwich Islands we
encountered pack ice which was unusual so far north. The
pack ice was the most substantial in Antarctica since
recording began in the early seventies.  Accordingly, after
the South Sandwich Islands, we spent  two weeks going
around Antarctica before we were able to safely use the
helicopters for a landing. During those two weeks we did
see lots of interesting pack ice, ice bergs,  whales, seals,
penguins, and other birds. Our first landing took place at
Mawson Station.

The last part of the trip went well with spectacular visits to
two Emperor Penguin colonies,  two research stations,
the Amery ice shelf and close encounters with Adele
penguins on the Fast Ice.

Antarctica: The Highest and Coldest Continent.  

The coldest: minus 89.9 deg C - lowest ever recorded in the world
The windiest: 300 KMPH - highest ever recorded in the world
The driest: technically a desert with less than 5cm of rainfall a year. That is less precipitation than the Sahara.
The iciest: 90% of all the world's fresh water is frozen on Antarctica.
In most places the ice is 10,000 ft thick and 15,670 feet at its thickest
The ice is over 40 million years old
The last place on earth that man was to discover – mostly a pure, clean, and untouched wilderness
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South Georgia
South Sandwich Islands
Fewer people have visited the South Sandwich Islands
than have climbed to the top of Mount Everest.
Into the Pack Ice
The Pack Ice on our trip to Antarctica was the most ever
recorded since records were first taken in the early seventies.
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