Rebuilding the main runway at Seattle Tacoma Airport

with Jackie and Elston Hill

July 17, 1015
Thanks to our friend Scott, we were invited to tour the reconstruction of the main runway at SeaTac airport today.

The Port of Seattle began reconstruction of the center or main runway at  Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on May 4 and intends
to finish by October 30. The project will include installation of a new LED runway lighting system and an automated electronic Foreign
Object Debris (FOD) detection system to provide additional safety on the runway.

This is the first reconstruction of the runway since it was built in 1969. The runway was originally built with 14 inch thick pavement and
a 20 year life design. Over the last 20 years, 600+ panels (out of 4000) have been replaced to keep the runway operational. The
project will cost approximately $95 million. Upon completion, all three SeaTac runways will have been built or rebuilt in the last seven
years. The new runway is designed to last 40 years.

The existing concrete from the runway is being recycled and crushed on site into gravel as the sub-base for the new runway. This is
anticipated to be over 300,000 square yards of recycled concrete.  Over 200,000 square yards of new concrete will be placed for the
new runway.

The new runway will consist of eight inches of crushed rock sub-base, four inches of asphalt, and 18 inches of Portland cement
concrete. Over 16,000 feet of new storm drain pipe will be installed.
Lots of debris from the old runway.
And lots of spraying to keep the dust down.
Spraying with a Boeing 747 in the background.
Note crusher on the right.
Construction of the new runway.
Note the thickness of the concrete.
This is the machine for pouring the concrete. It was not operating today.
In June, SeaTac set a new record. 4,000,000 passengers came through the airport. SeaTac will soon be the eighth largest airport in
the United States.
Alaska Airlines accounts for more than half the traffic at SeaTac. Alaska consistently has the best on time performance and best
customer satisfaction among US airlines.
Sunset last night, July 16, 10`5.
Alaska Airlines flight taking off on runway one with the North Satellite and Mt. Rainier in background, taken from main runway.
Alaska Airlines flight landing on runway 3 from the south.
Airplanes crossing temporary taxi way across the construction.